Prisoners of War and Missing in Action - Your family will never forget you

"Greater love hath no man than this:that a man lay down his life for his friends." Jesus of Nazareth

For 15 years, the turmoil of Vietnam had been put to bed. Now, in my deepest sleep, Jim and Vietnam were revisiting me.

 Where was this coming from? Night after night Jim would stand at the foot of my bed and plead for me to come help him, now, before it was too late. Vietnam had been a dead issue as far as the press was concerned, and nothing had come to me in the mail from the Army in years. So, what was triggering these nightmares? I soon realized that this would be the start of a roller coaster adventure of intrigue that would take me from the jungles of Vietnam’s tri-border region where Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia meet, to the halls of government buildings in Washington D.C. I would be tested and challenged beyond my wildest expectations. I was to embark on an education for which there are no textbooks or classes - - only long hours, endless dead ends, and many lost hopes. Could I hold on to my sanity? Would truth prevail? Would I have the answer to what happened to Jim? The road that lay ahead was truly full of landmines and obstacles. My faith in God, truth, and mankind would be tested to the max.


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